Kontras Quartet

Rush Hour Series

September 22, 2020

St. James Cathedral

Admired for their "superlative artistry" (CVNC Arts Journal), the Kontras Quartet has established an international following for their vibrant and nuanced performances. The "superb Chicago-based ensemble" (Gramophone Magazine) has been lauded for their "crisp precision" (Palm Beach Daily News) and "enjoyable musical personality" (Fanfare Magazine). Kontras means contrasts in the Afrikaans language - fitting for a string ensemble whose colorful repertoire spans centuries, genres, and continents. 

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Ludwig von Beethoven


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String Quartet in G Major, Op. 18 No. 2

        I. Allegro

           II. Adagio cantabile

           III. Scherzo. Allegro

           IV. Allegro molto, quasi Presto

Beethoven wrote his Op. 18, No. 2 string quartet in G major between the years of 1798-1800. Although this piece is numbered as second in the Op. 18 set, it is generally believed to be the third in Beethoven's chronological order of composition. He put off writing in the quartet form for a long time in his compositional life, and numerous sketches and revisions show that it was not an easy task for the young composer.

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VooDoo Dolls      

Voodoo Dolls was commissioned in 2008 and choreographed by the JUMP! Dance Company of Rhode Island, a collaborative work among their faculty and students.  The choreography was a suite of dances, each one representing a different traditional children’s doll: Russian dolls, marionettes, rag dolls, Barbie, voodoo dolls… The piece is influenced by west African drumming patterns and lyrical chant motives, all of which feature highlights of improvisation within the ensemble.

— Jessie Montgomery

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Jessie Montgomery


Fast Facts:

  • This is the second work of Jessie Montgomery's that the Kontras Quartet has performed. The first being Strum. Hear that performance


  • Montgomery is a violinist, being a natural at writing for strings

Jessie Montgomery